Important Notice Regarding Minion Confessions

We have decided to end Minion Confessions.

I knew when I started this blog that the novelty would wear off and people will have said all that can be said. In the beginning there were over forty posts in the queue alone and now we’re down to almost one a month.

In short, I knew the blog was in for short life.

We thank everyone for their contributions. This blog wouldn’t have existed in the first place if not for you. Thank you for the discussions and the time you took to sendc your confessions.

While we do it with a heavy heart we also feel as if we are doing the right thing, for us and for the fandom.

The blog will remain open for archival use but there will be NO future postings.

Thank you for understanding and a great few months!

It’s less than a month before Shock & Awe is released and for some reason, I cannot concentrate on any other book until I read this one! I’ll be the same when Ball & Chain is released as well.

The crossover I’d love to see is T&Z and their FBI Team and The Office. Really, need I say more?

I would love to see a Five-0 crossover. Two things I love become one, that would be nice.

I would love to see a Supernatural crossover because I’d love a scene in which Ty and Zane figure out that Sam and Dean aren’t FBI agents.

hmmmm, Liam and Julian. Can you imagine the tension in the room?

I would really like to see a White Collar crossover. Could you imagine Ty having to deal with Neil. That would be amazing. Zane would at some point have to restrain Ty while Peter dragged Neil from the room.

If it’s a crossover from another of Abi’s books, I’d love to see Zane & Sidewider take on the boys from The Archer. Ty and Remy together would be perfection, although it’d end in a bloodbath with everyone dead. If it’s from outside of Abi-land, I’d like to see the boys on The Walking Dead. Zane and Nick would be all smug because zombies (excuse me, *walkers*) are real, and they’re smart and wouldn’t get sucked into all that in-fighting, so they’d actually survive.

I would LOVE to see a Sidewinder/Archer crossover. All those MEN!! (And I would love to see Owen and Digger be flummoxed that they’re the only straight men in the group. Hee hee hee) “OMG! Is EVERYBODY GAY?!?” “Mon dieu!”

I would love to see a Harry Potter crossover only because everything needs a Harry Potter crossover!